[rrd-users] Spikes?

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Tue Apr 15 23:00:36 MEST 2003


I got some odd spikes in my graphs which I can not explain. You can view 
them on http://hvdkooij.xs4all.nl/stats-week.cms

Oddly enough it does not occur on all the interfaces in all the cases it 

I found a script that would eliminate the spikes but it does seem to be 
able to find them.

When I dump them I see some odd values like:

                        <!-- 2003-04-12 01:15:00 CEST / 1050102900 --> 
<row><v> 1.7465351003e+02 </v><v> 8.6018274795e-01 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v><v> 7.4872062267e+02 </v><v> 1.0855673633e+00 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2003-04-12 01:20:00 CEST / 1050103200 --> 
<row><v> 1.3459998633e+07 </v><v> 1.4029501409e+07 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v><v> 1.3917249952e+07 </v><v> 1.4029623522e+07 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2003-04-12 01:25:00 CEST / 1050103500 --> 
<row><v> 2.7482945766e+05 </v><v> 2.8631683346e+05 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v><v> 2.8407013927e+05 </v><v> 2.8631935496e+05 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2003-04-12 01:30:00 CEST / 1050103800 --> 
<row><v> 1.5435908584e+02 </v><v> 6.1984392419e-01 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v><v> 1.4115735786e+02 </v><v> 6.6309921962e-01 </v><v> 
0.0000000000e+00 </v></row>

As this is a ADSL link it can not exceed 768 kb/s for downloads (4th 
field) and 128 kB/s for uploads (1st field).

The 6 fields are:

The number of unicast packets almost equals the amount of bytes send. 
Which is nonsense on ethernet due to the ethernet and IP header header 

I suspect something odd in the Zyzel router (Prestige 650R-13) but I can
not find the actual problem.

Does some someone have a working script to clear out the odd entries?


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