[rrd-users] *shrugs*

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sun Apr 20 14:45:28 MEST 2003

Lo all,

First, I spend numerous hours browsing the archives, and on google - with no
luck.  Frankly, I don't think google returns a hit that I have not visited
related to this...

I want to *graph* the *total* MB/GB used on a Interface over a certain
period of time (not fixed)...

Now, the whole kb/sec * times = Value thing is all nice and fine... HOWEVER,
when *graphing* that, it doesn't exactly make allot of sense when your TOTAL
traffic goes up and down and up and down, does it?  I mean, traffic used is
traffic used and it cannot go down (except if the counters are reset)... And
let's face it.. A interface runs at 500kb/sec for 1 hour, and then goes into
a idle state for 4 hours... Graphing that with kb/sec * time, the graph will
go high, and then go down to zero (just about)...

I want a way to graph the traffic used per time period, that should look
very similar to the old mrtg "uptime" graphs for example - similar type of
graph. Myself, just as allot of others (from what I saw in the archives) are
unable to do it, and are unable to get a answer from this mailing list on
how to do it... I know it is possible however, seeing that I saw allot of
other people *graphing* the totals... So, just how is this done???

If this has been answered before, please just point me to the post in the
archives... After spending numerous hours searching and browsing, I'm rather
sure that I could not have missed it.


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