[rrd-users] Inconsistent results when polling lots of devices

Simon Mullis Simon.Mullis at equinoxsolutions.com
Tue Aug 5 17:39:58 MEST 2003

Hello All,

I wonder if anyone can offer any insight...

I am polling around 1000 devices on a dual Xeon system running Linux
(2.4.18-14smp).  This is split into 40 separate mrtg configuration files
that run concurrently using RRD as the logging format.  I have a web
frontend using read-only NFS to mount the generated rrds on a similar spec
system from which I use a heavily customised version of mrtg-rrd.cgi to
display the data. (Actually, if anyone's interested, using FastCGI
(www.fastcgi.com) with mrtg-rrd.cgi increases the speed of image creation by
a factor of 20!).  Each MRTG process is set to fork 16 times.  The mrtg
config is automatically generated from a database holding all of the config
data for all of the Edge devices (using /bin/sh shell scripts).  There's all
sorts of error-checking built-in for the consistency of the data, to ensure
the right processes are running and every 24 hours it actively checks the
config of the edge devices.  I'm using mrtg-2.9.29 and rrdtool-1.0.43. 

It all works beautifully.


Some devices just do not display data when polled with MRTG, yet when I try
to snmpwalk (or get, or getnext) using the correct community / target IP and
port with both SNMPv1 and v2c (ifInOctets & ifHCInOctets) from the data
collection system I get a valid response every time.

I've tried using SNMPv1 and v2c (by appending :::::2 to the target). 
I have tried reducing the forking and increasing the SNMP timeout and
retries (to 5 and 3 respectively) and managed to get a single point of data
on one of the missing graphs but that's all.

The weird thing is the consistency of the problem: 
	It doesn't work 99% of the time with MRTG.
	It works every time with command line snmp tools...

>From the mrtg output:

2003-08-05 16:09:35 -- WARNING: skipping because at least the query for
ifDescr.24 on  X.X.X.X did not succeed
2003-08-05 16:09:35 -- WARNING: no data for
ifInOctets&ifOutOctets:COMMUNITY at X.X.X.X. Skipping further queries for Host
X.X.X.X in this round.
2003-08-05 16:09:35 -- ERROR: Target[X.X.X.X_PORT][_IN_] '
$$target[13]{$mode} ' evaluated to 'DEADHOST' instead of a number
2003-08-05 16:09:35 -- ERROR: Target[X.X.X.X_PORT][_OUT_] '
$$target[13]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data

Packet Loss? Bug in 2.9.29? (Sorry, Tobi)

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Kind Regards


Equinox Converged Solutions Limited.
Tel: +44 (0)1252 405 600

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