[rrd-users] Re: Shell Variable Substitution and Split Lines (problem)

Iain Buchanan iain at pcorp.com.au
Mon Aug 18 07:06:19 MEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 11:18, phill.glasson at ap.effem.com wrote:
> All,
> I'm in the process of trying to rationalise a shell script (ksh) which 
> generates several graphs.
> I took a working (if wordy) series of 4 graphs and created shell variables 
> for each common line, then concatenated the variables to produce the 
> actual line to execute.
> It breaks whenever it encounters a line of text that contains a space, 
> even if I quote the string, it still breaks.
> I've checked the output, and the only thing I can see that's different is 
> the way the double quotes are handled.
> There appears to be some weird parseing that I cannot figure out.

Am I right is guessing that you start the process like this:
$ script "arg with spaces" arg2 arg3

or something similar?  You might find that one set of " is being taken
out by the shell itself, and not passing them on further to rrdtool to
use as the title.  Try mixing and matching \" as well.  eg

$ script "\"arg with spaces\"" arg2 arg3

Some examples of what you've tried would be useful though as its a bit
hard to guess :)

Iain Buchanan <iain at pcorp.com.au>

To love is good, love being difficult.

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