[rrd-users] nan after about 6 hours of data collection

rajkumars at asianetindia.com rajkumars at asianetindia.com
Thu Dec 18 09:47:09 MET 2003

Hello all,

I am pretty new to RRD, started playing with in 2 days ago. I created an rrd, which will be updated per minute, and I populated it with data continuously every 30 minutes using rrdtool update. But data after about 6 hours are all nan. here are my exact configs 

rrdtool create icmp.rrd \
-s 60  --start 1071682900 \
DS:one:GAUGE:60:0:U \
DS:two:GAUGE:60:0:U \
DS:three:GAUGE:60:0:U \
DS:four:GAUGE:60:0:U  \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:720 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:5:720 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:30:336 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:120:360 \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1440:365 \

I am not fully sure of the RRA sections are correct, my intentions are to create a graph of 5 min average for 24 hours, 30 min average for a week, 2 hours average for a month and day average for a year. 

I have collected data from 1071682903 till 1071734374 and stored in a directory in files in format 

1071682903 264 43 3748 73113

which is inserted into rrd using an awk script 

$ cat backup/* | awk -f icmp.awk  | bash

raj at indus:~/rrd$ cat icmp.awk 
BEGIN{ print "#!/bin/sh"}
{ printf  "rrdtool update icmp.rrd %d:%d:%d:%d:%d\n", $1,$2,$3,$4,$5}

actual output to bash is like 
rrdtool update icmp.rrd 1071682903:264:43:3748:73113
rrdtool update icmp.rrd 1071682963:201:33:3748:69307
rrdtool update icmp.rrd 1071683024:216:42:983:71250
rrdtool update icmp.rrd 1071683084:193:36:2782:65270
rrdtool update icmp.rrd 1071683144:206:46:3948:71803
and so on...

This gets updated to rrd with out any problems

raj at indus:~/rrd$ cat backup/* | awk -f icmp.awk  | bash
raj at indus:~/rrd$ 

now when I plot the graph, data is available only till about 8:00, on further investigation using rrdfetch 

                      one           two         three          four

1071734040: 2.5975000000e+02 5.8300000000e+01 2.2451100000e+04 1.4742570000e+05
1071734100: 3.2525000000e+02 8.1350000000e+01 2.1923250000e+04 1.4996735000e+05
1071734160: 4.4900000000e+02 1.2700000000e+02 2.2234000000e+04 1.4611900000e+05
1071734220: 2.5400000000e+02 6.4000000000e+01 1.9648000000e+04 1.4952700000e+05
1071734280: 2.9603333333e+02 7.3966666667e+01 2.0311000000e+04 1.4868720000e+05
1071734340: 3.0723333333e+02 7.4000000000e+01 2.1857900000e+04 1.4831656667e+05
1071734400: nan nan nan nan
1071734460: nan nan nan nan
1071734520: nan nan nan nan
1071734580: nan nan nan nan
1071734640: nan nan nan nan
1071734700: nan nan nan nan

and it is nan for remaining data. Any idea how this happened? I am totally clue less, gone through all the manuals and tutorials but no clue about this!

also is their any tool to convert from and to seconds and other date formats? ie the datetime of say 1071734400?

Thanks for your time,


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