[rrd-users] Re: Support for SVG in RRDTool

Kevin.Ruscoe at ubsw.com Kevin.Ruscoe at ubsw.com
Fri Feb 21 16:36:16 MET 2003

Hi Tobi

> oops ... shame on me ... thing should compile now

Yep, it gets much further now thanks.  I pulled last night's snapshot -
this is how I got on...

* The build gets all the way through to the documentation, then falls
over as follows:

$ make

Making all in doc
perl -n -e 'if (/^=include\s+(\S+)/){open F,"$1.inc" ||
die $?;print <F>; close F} else {print}'  rrdgraph.src  > rrdgraph.pod 
perl -n -e 'if (/^=include\s+(\S+)/){open F,"$1.inc" ||
die $?;print <F>; close F} else {print}'  rrdgraph_examples.src  > rrdgraph_examples.pod 
perl -n -e 'if (/^=include\s+(\S+)/){open F,"$1.inc" ||
die $?;print <F>; close F} else {print}'  rrdgraph_rpn.src  > rrdgraph_rpn.pod 
perl -n -e 'if (/^=include\s+(\S+)/){open F,"$1.inc" ||
die $?;print <F>; close F} else {print}'
rrdgraph_data.src  > rrdgraph_data.pod perl -n -e
'if (/^=include\s+(\S+)/){open F,"$1.inc" || die $?;
print <F>; close F} else {print}'  rrdgraph_graph.src  > rrdgraph_graph.pod 
pod2man --release=1.1.0 --center=rrdtool rrdtool.pod  > rrdtool.1
/home/ruscoekm/my_tree/links/power_tools/bin/gnroff -man -Tlp rrdtool.1 > rrdtool.txt
groff: can't find `DESC' file
groff:fatal error: invalid device `ascii'
*** Error code 3
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `rrdtool.txt'
Current working directory /home/ruscoekm/3ps/rrdtool/rrdtool-2003-02-21/doc
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all-recursive'

Since the build of the code itself succeeded, I continued with the install.

* Next, I tried to run piped_demo.pl (since a grep of the examples
showed that this one covers SVG, which is my particular interest.)
Initially, this produced the following error:

$ perl piped_demo.pl

-- performance analysis Update test
   usr/upd: 0.00041s sys/upd: 0.00038s real/upd: 0.00261s upd/sec: 383

* Creating 20 SVG graphs: piped-demo.svg

ERROR: Garbage ': Fri Feb 21 11:31:17 2003\c' after command: at
/home/ruscoekm/3ps/rrdtool/rrdtool-2003-02-21/examples/piped-demo.pl line 95

* To get around this error, I removed the two sets of two COMMENT lines
(one set for SVG and one for PNG).  After that, I successfully obtained
an SVG and a PNG (although I got some font warnings, as shown below):

$ perl piped_demo.pl

-- performance analysis Update test
   usr/upd: 0.00039s sys/upd: 0.00036s real/upd: 0.00255s upd/sec: 392

* Creating 20 SVG graphs: piped-demo.svg

Can't find font '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/openoffice/ariosor.ttf'
Can't find font '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/openoffice/ariosor.ttf'
Can't find font '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/openoffice/ariosor.ttf'
Can't find font '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/openoffice/ariosor.ttf'
Average Alpha: 50.05 k
Min Alpha: 44.18 k
Max Alpha: 59.18 k

-- average Time for one Graph
   usr/grf: 0.00400s sys/grf: 0.04000s real/grf: 0.08800s   graphs/sec: 11.36

Finally, I tried to view the SVG using Adobe SVG Viewer.
This worked fine, although I did notice the following warning from the viewer:

* Error from Adobe SVG viewer.

"not well formed: line 40, column 42"

If you need any more info on any of the above, let me know.
Similarly, if any of the above gets fixed, let me know and
I will test again.

Finally, here is my plea to all those who contribute to the RRDTool codeline:

I am sure there are lots of cool new features in the 1.1.x release.  However,
from my selfish point of view, if the only enhancement compared to the current
stable release was support for SVG, that would be fantastic and well worth
releasing by itself.  If SVG support can be promoted to stable soon, I will
be tremendously grateful.

Best wishes



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