[rrd-users] Re: Y-axis question

Brandon Knitter knitterb at blandsite.org
Sat Feb 22 07:33:02 MET 2003

We were explcitly checking to see if you can have a second y axis graph, I
arrived at: 


And found no 2nd y axis graphs.  Am I missing your graph?

For note (not to make be an ass - I apologize if I'm stating the obvious) a
second y axis would let me graph something on the first axis in figures 1-100,
while a second axis would let me graph on top of that figure from -500-2500 and
overlay them meeting at, say, 1 == -500.

I'm sure there is a math equation to do just that, but if they differ in
percentage versus value, then that would be hard.  Graphing GAUGE versus COUNTER
is not impossible, but depending on your data, you require two graphs.  Gnuplot
would solve this, obviously, but I want it in RRD!! (childish wants) ;-)


Quoting Dean Maluski <djmaluski at n0ety.com>:

> Brandon Knitter wrote:
> > I've been wondering the same.  Anyone have an answer for this?  I do not
> work 
> > on the base rrdtool code, so I don't know the difficulty in writing this.
> > 
> > 
> Not sure if rthis is exactly what your looking for but might be modified 
> to your liking.
> It can be found at link in my signature, Follow link backyard WX then 
> Graphs to view the sample.
> /sbin/rrdtool graph /home/weather/wdir.png -s -86400 -h 150 -w 300 
> --alt-autoscale-max -u 360 -r -v "N     E     S     W     N" -t "Wind
> Direction dg" \
> DEF:wdir=/home/weather/oww.rrd:wdir:AVERAGE LINE2:wdir#0000FF:"Wind
> Direction" 2>&1>/dev/null
> -- 
>   ____________________
>  >   Dean Maluski   <
>  > http://n0ety.com <          	
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