[rrd-users] Re: graphing problem.

Adam Nealis adamnealis at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 4 16:12:32 MET 2003

--- Cliff <cliff at acsalaska.net> wrote:
> Hi Laurie,


> How can I make RRDTool present numbers that are
> exactly what I see when I run top?
> If top shows me a load average of .3 then I want
> to see .3 and not 300 milli mystery units.
> What area of the docs do I need to check to figure this out?

May I suggest man rrdgraph ?

--units-exponent value (default autoconfigure)
      This sets the 10**exponent scaling of the y-axis
      values.  Normally values will be scaled to the
      appropriate units (k, M, etc.).  However you may wish
      to display units always in k (Kilo, 10e3) even if the
      data is in the M (Mega, 10e6) range for instance.
      Value should be an integer which is a multiple of 3
      between -18 and 18 inclusive.  It is the exponent on
      the units you which to use.  For example, use 3 to
      display the y-axis values in k (Kilo, 10e3,
      thousands), use -6 to display the y-axis values in u
      (Micro, 10e-6, millionths).  Use a value of 0 to
      prevent any scaling of the y-axis values.


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