[rrd-users] Re: dispersed rrd files

Paul Smith paul at acmecomm.net
Fri Jan 10 16:16:52 MET 2003

        Heh, great minds think alike... :) I've also developed a 
client-server system for fetching textual rrd data from one machine to 
another in the form of rrdtool-xport style XML. I was thinking how cool 
it would be if it were possible to build a graph by passing the XML data 
to rrdtool-graph in lieu of the rrd file argument in the DEF line (thus 
avoiding the the step of copying to or building a new rrd file on the 
client machine), but it just don't seem to work that way. It would be 
such a powerful capability, I'm sure someone has thought of this before 
me... I wonder if rrdtool's developers are thinking along those lines 
for future versions.
        Anyway, I think you're on the right track. I guess I'm trying to 
settle on the least time and resource expensive way to get the data to 
my graph-building script. It comes down to whether it's better to rsync 
& cache rrd's as needed by the graph-builder, or to do it like you're 
doing it - fetch the data and build/update rrd's on the fly.


Harald Nesland wrote:

>I've been playing around with perl, and I've written a server-script and
>a client-script. The server-script basically listens on a port, waiting
>for the client to connect.
>When the client connect, the server collects all data (load level, cpu,
>memory, network load etc ..).
>The client then receives the data (gzip'ed over network just for show of
>;P ) and processes it to rrd.
>The client got a list with servers to connect to, and loops through that
>list. The rrd files is named with servername and data-type (cpu, mem,
>It's the client that creates the RRDs, it just collects the data from
>the servers, so actually you can create a RRD that shows «overall
>I might put the scripts online, after some code clean-up.
>On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 15:58, Simon Mullis wrote:
>>Rsync them all to the same location (over ssh)?
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>>Hi gang,
>>	I'm trying to figure out a way to create graphs with .rrd files that
>>live on different machines. The best I can come up with off the top of 
>>my head is to fetch-and-cache the rrd files from the remote server... 
>>anyone else thought of a more elegant solution?
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