[rrd-users] Re: The script is here, to view actual data trans fer in your RRD graphs

rrd00 at sudog.com rrd00 at sudog.com
Tue Jan 14 09:36:17 MET 2003

[I did actually write something--it's just interspersed with the note,

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Imran @ eServers dot Biz wrote:
> You should do your research before you start posting garbage on
> public forums. Go visit www.webhostingtalk.com and you'll find out
> more about or company, and if you checked our site you will see
> that we DONT do WEBHOSTING. Therefore we are NOT resellers. By the
> way owning a server from any provider, and selling webspace on it
> dosent make you a reseller it makes you a webhost, you are only a
> reseller if you buy webspace from another webhosting company to
> sell to your own clients.

Perhaps vehemently defending yourself with a "I need no defence" is a
bit too circular--surely you can see the futility in arguing about it

And you might not want to turn this into a pissing contest. Some of
those non-english speakers might sound like they don't know much but
they turn out to be sysadmin/programmer gods.

> just for a SINGLE domain, and no provider out there will give you Ips
> just to point your domain to.

Sorry, but you should check your facts again. Plenty of providers do
this as a matter of course. Where are you that your upstream won't
allocate any CIDRs for you? All you have to do is drum up percent
"usage" stats...

> You are so uneducated in the webhosting/dedicated server industry,
> you should do research before opening that mouth of yours as you
> are currently speaking a load of nonesense.

He may not be--a nameserver sitting on the same IP suggests it's the
same host. He was implying that doing this isn't the best practice. Of
course, it's unavoidable if one only has a single machine but when
multiple machines come into play, wouldn't spreading things out a bit
reduce risks considerably?

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