[rrd-users] Re: Changing line color

Jonathan Davis davis at snickers.org
Fri Jan 24 00:38:19 MET 2003

 I would just make the set the value for over at 33999 and the value
for under at 34001. The problem might also be that you are using LT and
GT, and so when it is exactly 34000 you arn't drawing the over or the
under, try a value of 34000 with LE and GE instead, and lemme know.

 What I'd REALLY love to know is how to make that value in the HRULE a
variable. =)

 - Jonathan

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Vargas, Miguel wrote:

||> I do see the gaps.  From what I see on the graph, you are displaying
||> the red line between 09:15 (or so) and 18:15 (or so).
||It doesn't have to do with the time.  It has to do with when the data goes
||above 34000 that it's supposed to change color.  I posted a new graph that
||shows the problem better.  http://miguel.vargas.com/test.png
||created with:
||Basically, I need to connect the green line with the red line.
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