[rrd-users] Re: newbie: MAX values not corresponding over time

Stephan Harren sh at abovenet.de
Wed Jan 29 11:12:01 MET 2003

Am Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2003 10:49 schrieb John-Paul Delaney:
> Hello List...
> Sorry if this has been asked before, I've searched around but didn't
> find/understand any answer that clarified the situation for me.
> I'm using directly the 'real world example' from the rrd tutorial but I'm
> graphing the MAX values instead of the AVERAGE ones.
> In the resulting graphs,
>         the MAX values for the month are higher than those for the week
> (comparing the same time period on both graphs).
>         the MAX values for the year are higher than those for the month
> (again comparing the same time period on both graphs).
> I expected the MAX values to be the same in the week, month, and year
> graphs - as the MAX value is not an average, and has the same value
> whichever way you look at it (i.e. week,month,or year).
> Am I completely misunderstanding the concept, or is it more likely that my
> own configuration is the problem?
> thanks
> /j-p.

Maybe I'm getting you wrong, but most times the MAX over the year is higher 
than the MAX over the month. If you store a datasource with consolidation 
MAX, you won't lose any peak, and because of the longer period...
Another point is, that in the 5-minute graph, you have 6 maximum values that 
go into one for the 30-minute graph. This means, that through consolidation, 
you lose the low values in your MAX graph.
Well, if you compare the same period, the really MAXes should be the same, 
what if you send the code you use, so we could have a look at it...

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