[rrd-users] RRDtool meta language needed(?)

Alexander Reelsen ref at tretmine.org
Thu Jan 30 09:07:06 MET 2003


After having to deal with many RRD files in one directory, which are
loosely related, I am thinking of needing something like a "RRDtool graph
creation meta language" (phew, that was a hard one). ;)

The background is the problem, that you often have lying around many RRD
files in one directory like router-1-incoming.rrd up to
router-N-incoming.rrd. So, if I want to accumulate all the traffic on my
border routers I would need to write a ling long shell script. Oh, then my
boss wants to know (this is not a real world example :) how many concurrent
online users we are having on the portmasters, so I sum this up.

Do you want to write a shell script for each? Me not.

So I was thinking the past night about a RML (see subject) for easier
graph creation out of several RRDs. However I am a bad programmer but my
design skills are even worse.

First question: Is this needed? Does it exist and I haven't found it or I
didn't use some rrdtool functionality yet? Is there already a frontend I
haven't checked out yet?

Second. the design. The following is an excerpt of a config file a hacked
up last night, what is most obviously missing is a setting for default
values. Just imagine it to be there. And dozens of the graph
functionalities are missing. As said, just a very rough framework without
any real parser or so yet.

--- snip ---

# Here we do aliasing for readibility, saves us the long wording below
alias "Incoming traffic" in
alias "Internal network traffic" internal
alias "Outgoing traffic" out

# What aliases to pack into one graph
GRAPH in out
NAME "Total network traffic"   # --title
TYPE in AREA COLOR #00BB00     # DEF
TYPE out LINE2 COLOR #0000BB   # DEF
LABEL "Bytes/s"                # --vertical-label

GRAPH in out
NAME "Total network traffic stacked"
LABEL "Bytes/s"

--- snap ---

Feel free to comment.
Point me to a already existing solution for my problem.
Contribute ideas to mine, or better implementations. Whatever.

And more important at this time: Get a coffee first.

MfG/Regards, Alexander

Alexander Reelsen   http://tretmine.org
ref at tretmine.org

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