[rrd-users] Re: strange numbers w/ counter

Greg MacLellan greg at mwater.ca
Mon Jul 14 19:13:39 MEST 2003

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
 >difference in time: few seconds (60 or so, not very accurate due to "N")
 >difference in value: 9
 >value in the range of 0.1833333333 per second.

Like I said, this was probably my fault. I was thinking about it as per 
minute instead of per second. I'm used to dealing with rrdtool with 5 
minute intervals, I guess I had a brainfart trying to think of it in 
terms of 1 minute.

 >min(x) == avg(x) == max(x)
 >It only matters if you have more than one sample:

This makes sense, too. I just got confused when I got the same output, 
but it's exactly as you say, the reason that's there is to be able to 
use the same scripts no matter what interval or consolidation function.

Probably a bad day for me to be programming... :p

Thanks for the help

ttyl, greg

(btw, sorry about duplicate posts.. mozilla told me it couldn't send, 
and apparently sent it anyways..)

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