[rrd-users] RRDTool Question

Eric Balsa eric.balsa at rockresorts.com
Fri Jul 18 22:04:44 MEST 2003

Hello All,

  I am trying to setup an RRD using 'rrdtool create', but am having a hard time understanding exactly how to create an RRD to properly represent what I am trying to graph. Here is the scenario:

Every time an email to my server comes in, i write a "tick" to a file (per user). 

Then, once every five minutes (cronjob), I go thru each users file, and parse how many emails they have received in the last 5 minutes. I then do a

rrdtool update <time>:# of emails

I assume, this is fool-proof :)

However, it's the creation of the RRD that has got me stumped. I have tried:

rrdtool create test.rrd DS:email:ABSOLUTE:600:U:U RRA:LAST:0.5:1:1000

But, when I try to graph the results, I am getting incorrect data. 

I am graphing things in the following way:

rrdtool graph out.png DEF:mail=path/to/test.rrd:email:LAST LINE2:email#00FF00

What I am seeing is seemingly incorrect numbers (10 emails when there have only been 5, etc)... and even stranger data when I try to fetch using rrdtool. Can anyone help me as to how to create the database to accurately keep track of 5 minute totals, 7day and 1 month (like MRTG)... as I haven't even gotten to later RRAs yet, that is why im strictly dealing with 5 minute counts at this point.


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