[rrd-users] Re: remstats cgi errors

Thomas Erskine thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 3 00:09:49 MEST 2003

At 12:15 2003-06-02, Remy Bouba wrote:
 >ok, i finally manage to install and compile remstats
 >but now i got lots of new problems to deal with
 >no problem when i run run-remstats2
 >or when i open the quick-index.cgi that was generated
 >i'm trying to poll snmp data with remstats from a cisco router
 >when i click on he link to get router information i got the following error
 >message :
 >ERROR:Opening '/var/remstats/html/GRAPHS/routeur/snmptest-snmpmeme-day.png'
 >for write:Permission denied
 >maybe it's because i haven't create the remstats user
 >but i run remstats as root so there shouldn't be any right problem

Wrong.  Unless you're also running your web-server as root (which you also 
shouldn't do), the cgi, which will be running as the web-server user, won't 
have access to the files created by root.  Just follow the instructions, 
and run the remstats stuff as a specific user and make sure you tell 
configure which is your web-server group.

 >i've enough of remstats for today
 >thanx by advance
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