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Marek Dohojda marek.dohojda at linksys.com
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Thank you so much for your respones.  I think that the best method is just
what Steve is saying (if I am reading it correctly).  To upgrade solaris to

again thank you

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 > From: Marek Dohojda
 > I want to monitor Solaris 9 system (it is running it's own agent I can
 > install uc-snnmp if need be).  I can not find
 > anywhere the right OID to do this.
 > The things I want to monitor are:
 > 	CPU utilization
 > 	Memory Utilization
 > 	Hard disk utilization.

NRG has a file with nicknames for OIDs... here's the relevant
ones for UCD-SNMP...

 ucd-snmpd.laLoadInt1            .
 ucd-snmpd.laLoadInt5            .
 ucd-snmpd.laLoadInt15           .
 ucd-snmpd.memTotalSwap          .
 ucd-snmpd.memAvailSwap          .
 ucd-snmpd.memTotalReal          .
 ucd-snmpd.memAvailReal          .
 ucd-snmpd.memBuffer             .
 ucd-snmpd.memCached             .
 ucd-snmpd.diskPath              .
 ucd-snmpd.diskDevice            .
 ucd-snmpd.diskMinimum           .
 ucd-snmpd.diskTotal             .
 ucd-snmpd.diskAvail             .
 ucd-snmpd.diskUsed              .
 ucd-snmpd.diskPercent           .

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