[rrd-users] Re: Newbie problem

Steve Robb steve_robb at cnt.com
Sun Mar 16 15:26:03 MET 2003

Think of it this way, if you have a measurement of 10 units in a 5 minute
period you think you would have the value 10 stored but the per second rate
would actually be 10/3600 = 2.7e-03. That's the value that gets stored since
everything gets stored as a per second rate.

MAX and LAST won't change the stored value, just the way it's aggregated.

Steve Robb

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Well, that's what I thought, but how do I get values such as 1.2e-05 
when I'm inserting Integer values?

Also, shouldn't that change if I use MAX or LAST as the DS type?

Steve Robb wrote:

>The value that you are storing in the RRD is a number that represents a '5
>minute average expressed as units per second' which means that you need to
>multiply the stored value by 300 (secs) in order to display something that
>makes sense.
>Using your example - 
>   rrdtool graph spam-day.png --start -86400 \
>            DEF:rss=spam.rrd:RSS:AVERAGE \
>            DEF:dul=spam.rrd:DUL:AVERAGE \
>            DEF:spews=spam.rrd:SPEWS:AVERAGE \
>            DEF:spamhaus=spam.rrd:SPAMHAUS:AVERAGE \
>            DEF:socks=spam.rrd:SOCKS:AVERAGE \
>            DEF:sendmail_misc=spam.rrd:SENDMAIL_MISC:AVERAGE \
>new>        CDEF:5minrss=rss,300,* \
>new>        CDEF:5mindul=dul,300,* \
>new>        CDEF:5minspews=spews,300,* \
>new>        CDEF:5minspamhaus=spamhaus,300,* \
>new>        CDEF:5minsocks=socks,300,* \
>new>        CDEF:5minsendmail=sendmail,300,* \
>new>        LINE2:5minrss#FF0000:"Legend for rss"\
>new>        LINE2:5mindul#FF0000:"Legend for dul"\
>new>        ...etc
>Steve Robb

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