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Steve Robb steve_robb at cnt.com
Mon Mar 17 22:34:50 MET 2003


You need to 'rrdtool dump rrdfile.rrd > rrdfile.xml' to create something to
work with and then add in the new variables that you want to start
collecting data for. Once it's the way you want, you do a 'rrdtool restore
rrdfile.xml rrdfile.rrd' and the data is imported back in.

Steve Robb

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Thanks for the reply.  That's what I was missing.  I'm now getting my
graphs and experienmenting with all the various image settings.

I'm now realizing that I should have created all my various mail filter
variables when I first created the rrd even if I wasn't going to graph
them right away.  Is there a way to add them after the fact?  I realize
that the data from the past couple of days won't be there but that doesn't
concern me any.  I've been reading through the man pages and haven't found 
anything promising.

I was also wondering if someone could give me an example of the --template 
in use.  I believe this is right but I don't want to foul up my rrd trying 

rrdtool update $workDir/spam.rrd \
	-t RSS N:$RSS \
	-t DUL N:$DUL \

Would that be the correct usage?


On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Steve Robb wrote:

> David/Justin
> The value that you are storing in the RRD is a number that represents a '5
> minute average expressed as units per second' which means that you need to
> multiply the stored value by 300 (secs) in order to display something that
> makes sense.
> Using your example - 
>    rrdtool graph spam-day.png --start -86400 \
>             DEF:rss=spam.rrd:RSS:AVERAGE \
>             DEF:dul=spam.rrd:DUL:AVERAGE \
>             DEF:spews=spam.rrd:SPEWS:AVERAGE \
>             DEF:spamhaus=spam.rrd:SPAMHAUS:AVERAGE \
>             DEF:socks=spam.rrd:SOCKS:AVERAGE \
>             DEF:sendmail_misc=spam.rrd:SENDMAIL_MISC:AVERAGE \
> new>        CDEF:5minrss=rss,300,* \
> new>        CDEF:5mindul=dul,300,* \
> new>        CDEF:5minspews=spews,300,* \
> new>        CDEF:5minspamhaus=spamhaus,300,* \
> new>        CDEF:5minsocks=socks,300,* \
> new>        CDEF:5minsendmail=sendmail,300,* \
> new>        LINE2:5minrss#FF0000:"Legend for rss"\
> new>        LINE2:5mindul#FF0000:"Legend for dul"\
> new>        ...etc
> Steve Robb

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