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Tue Mar 18 04:36:27 MET 2003

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> I was also wondering if someone could give me an example of the --template 
> in use.  I believe this is right but I don't want to foul up my rrd trying 
> it:
> rrdtool update $workDir/spam.rrd \
> 	-t RSS N:$RSS \
> 	-t DUL N:$DUL \
> 	-t SPEWS N:$SPEWS \
> 	-t SOCKS N:$SOCKS \
> Would that be the correct usage?

I'm trying to stuff data into a test rrd but I'm getting the following 

ERROR: illegal attempt to update using time 1047965402 when last update 
time is 1047965402 (minimum one second step)

Is this the correct usage of --template?  My understanding of -t from the 
man page is that it allows me to define the data source at the time I 
stuff values into a RRD, rather than be forced to stuff them into the rrd 
in input order (and possibly make a mistake).  It would appear that my 
usage of N is incorrect though.  Can someone point out my mistake or give 
me a working snippet from one of your configs?  Thanks


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