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In The "Options" field of the configuration file I haven't specified the data type. Because the documentation says that by default the data type is "counter".
In fact the reference manual of mrtg says:"In the absence of 'gauge' or 'absolute' options, MRTG treats variables as a counters and calculates the difference between the current and the previous value and divides that by the elapsed time between the last two readings to get the value to be plotted."

Besides the growth is not linear.
It grows like a zig zag and after falls down.


>Do you use GAUGE or COUNTER for the dataType?
>Pay attention with this.
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>I'm using Rrdtool 1.0.33 for graphing the traffic load of an ACL of a load 
>balancer. The variable is a counter and in the field "Options" I've written:
>Options[snPortCARStatFilteredbits]: growright bits integer.
>But the graph that I obtain is very strange. It encreases for 62 minutes,  then 
>falls down to low values and begins again to encrease (for exactly 62 minutes). 
>In the night the graph remains to low values because there is less traffic.The 
>growth of the graph is not linear is a "zig zag" growth. It could be a problem 
>of Mrtg/rrdtool or I've to look for the error elsewhere? Any ideas? Thank you 
>very much?
>claudio :-)
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