[rrd-users] HRULE/Upper limit

Ketan Patel k2pattu at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 01:04:02 MEST 2003

Hello, I have a little problem with HRULE/Upper limit value while plotting the graph.  The graph is for memory (RAM) consumption. For a graph covering average values for one week, the values range within 150-250MB. Maximum available memory is 654MB. In graph, I have set HRULE:654 and also specified "-u 660" but graph created shows upper value on y-axis as 250. It doesn't strech upwards to cover 660 hrule line. Also, lower value starts at 150MB. When I set "-l 0", it shows values from 0 to 250 but still doesn't cover 660. How to get a graph showing values from 0-660?  Also, GAUGE memory values retrieved from target are in KBytes. So, when I plot them, do I need to convert them into MBytes to show correct values? Does "--base" converts it automatically (I tried using it but the result was same, so I guess it is not doing the conversion.) Another target machine has 1GB of memory, so what shall be HRULE/upper limit value in that case?  I know I am missing something very obvious here. Any insight is highly appreciated. Thanks a lotk2
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