[rrd-users] Shading data during weekdays

Elwell, AD (Andrew) A.D.Elwell at dl.ac.uk
Tue May 6 15:50:15 MEST 2003


Google and my RPN skills are letting me down here, 

I want to show data, but shade the background between 2 timestamps monday

I have managed the basic 03:00-09:00  09:01-18:00 using

~/bin/rrdtool graph lpar.png -a PNG -i --start $START \
        -l 0 -u 160 -M -v "LPARs" --title "LPAR usage"  \
        DEF:lpar=usage.rrd:lpar:AVERAGE \
        CDEF:drn1=LTIME,86400,%,10801,32400,LIMIT,UN,0,lpar,IF \
        CDEF:drn2=LTIME,86400,%,32401,64800,LIMIT,UN,0,lpar,IF \
        AREA:drn1#FFFFCC:"6h Devel Draining" \
        AREA:drn2#FFFF99:"6h Devel Drained\c" \
        LINE2:lpar#0000FF:"LPARs in use" \
        GPRINT:lpar:MIN:"Min\: %.0lf" \
        GPRINT:lpar:MAX:"Max\: %.0lf" \
        GPRINT:lpar:LAST:"Current\: %.0lf\c"

*BUT* I only want it to be shaded monday-friday. 

I'm guessing I have to do some LTIME,86400,7,*,% and LIMIT magic to pull out
the day of week.

Is this the "best" way? or is there some othe rrdtool Magic(tm) I'm not
aware of?

FYI this is used to plot the job Queue for HPCx on

Many thanks,


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