[rrd-users] Re: help with remstats

Thomas Erskine thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca
Thu May 8 12:31:12 MEST 2003

At 04:09 2003-05-07, David IMANACHE wrote:
 >Hi everybody!
 >I'm a new user of remstats and i have some problems to configure it. I'm
 >working with Debian and i've installed all remstats packets . I've also
 >installed remstats-servers packet on the remote station i want to graph.
 >I've read the installation guide but when i'm executing "new-ping-hosts"

When you invoke new-ping-hosts, you must give it two things:  The name of a 
group and a list of hosts.  The syntax is:
     usage: new-ping-hosts [options] group [hostsfile ...]

The "hostsfile" is just a list (one per line) of host-names.  Judging from 
the errors below, you've given it a host configuration file instead.  The 
next release will have clearer documentation.

 >i've got:
 >ERROR: get_ip: couldn't find IP number for      desc
 >"remote_machine-name" host
 >ERROR: get_ip: couldn't find IP number for      group  "my_group"
 >ERROR: get_ip: couldn't find IP number for      ip      "remote_machine_ip"
 >What did i forget? Is anybody could help me?
 >Thanks in advance
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