[rrd-users] rrdtool - RRDtool shows some *millions* - followup?

dmahler at telcordia.com dmahler at telcordia.com
Thu May 22 16:48:18 MEST 2003

>> But the graph generated by RRDtool shows some *millions* logined.
Was there ever a solution to this?   I seem to have the same problem. 
how exactly does rrd decide that its need to put "m" in the left hand 
vertical scale? is it simply if the rate is > 1M? 

I have created the rrd in question and dumped out its samples.  they look 
ok.   the samples please are all under 1.     is that a clue?   just too 

I am collecting the data via mrtg
Target[xxxx_2_traffic]: 2:pppp at aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
MaxBytes[xxxx_2_traffic]: 10000000

I have done eyeball checks on the "problem" rrd, and another rrd from the 
same system that does not have the problem.  I cannot see a difference.

I have perhaps 1000 or so RRD's.  have this issue (left hand graph in the 
milllions when it should not be) on perhaps 20.   very odd.


Don M 

 2003-05-22 10:10:00 2.2000000000e-002                   0.02200
 2003-05-22 10:15:00 2.2000000000e-002                   0.02200
 2003-05-22 10:20:00 2.1095709343e-002                   0.02110
 2003-05-22 10:25:00 2.1095709343e-002                   0.02110
 2003-05-22 10:30:00 2.0761245675e-002                   0.02076
 2003-05-22 10:35:00 2.0761245675e-002                   0.02076
 2003-05-22 09:00:00 2.1164021164e-002                   0.02116
 2003-05-22 09:30:00 2.0942408377e-002                   0.02094
 2003-05-22 10:00:00 2.1699819168e-002                   0.02170
 2003-05-22 10:30:00 2.2000000000e-002                   0.02200
 2003-05-22 10:00:00 2.1699819168e-002                   0.02170

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This system is working correctly when I use snmpwalk and snmpget on
an interactive shell. But RRDtool interpret oddly.

For example, the number of logins is usually less than 10 or so. But the 
graph generated by RRDtool shows some *millions* logined.

Note that the strange value is probably some millons times as much as 
``real'' value, i think.

roto at vuni.ne.jp

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From: Tobias Oetiker <oetiker at ee.ethz.ch>
Subject: [rrd-users] Re: Problem about RRA updating
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:33:03 +0200 (MET DST)
> try modifying your script so that it writes an audit log of all 
information it sends to rrdtool ... and look at the log

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