[rrd-users] Performance problems using mrtg LogFormat: rrdtool & snmpv3

Michael Heiming michael at heiming.de
Thu May 29 10:31:01 MEST 2003


I'm using mrtg with "LogFormat: rrdtool" and have some performance 
problems on the mrtg server with
solaris targets, running net-snmp (v3).

 From what I see, the problem is in the mrtg.cfg (one per system):

Target[fqdn.something]:`snmpget -t 4 -w 4 fqdn 1.3.someoid 
1.3.someotheroid | awk '{print $NF}`

There is no additional info needed for snmpv3 MD5 authentication and DES 
encryption, snmptools are compiled to default to v3, the user it runs 
as, has ~/.snmp/snmp.conf with the needed security options.

snmp v2 works without calling snmpget, which looks like my problem, the 
above construction works, but spawns additional procs. The -t/-w is 
needed, or I don't get any info from busy systems. It is running from 
cron, starting a script which calls mrtg with the config serial, 
querying 3 systems at once or the 5 minute interval won't be long enough 
to get all targets queried.

Is there any way to enhance performance, other then using a mrtg server 
with more CPUs? Right now the box is a dual 1.4 GHz P3, with 1 GB RAM 
and a 15K SCSI hw RAID1 dedicated to the .rrd files running Linux.

RAM is fine, I/O isn't a issue, just the load keeps at 10-15, with 
sometimes 0% idle left, it runs with nice 10, to keep the system responsive.

Thx for any info to improve performance

Michael Heiming

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