[rrd-users] Re: RRD on Linux monitoring Windows Perfmon

Thomas Erskine thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca
Thu May 29 14:22:30 MEST 2003

At 17:02 2003-05-28, List Subscriber wrote:
 >Hi all, I've been using RRD for a couple of years to graph the output of
 >SNMP and rstad for our routers and Unix/Linux servers. However, we are
 >getting some Windows servers, and I would love to be able to monitor them
 >as well. Windows has a "perfmon", and I was wondering if any of the linux
 >users has been able to successfully request metrics from the windows
 >perfmon daemon?

recent versions of remstats have an nt-status-server and 
nt-status-collector.  It doesn't allow you to make direct queries to 
perfmon, but does collect selected portions of the data.

 >I've read how you can ftp the files off of the windows box, then create
 >the rrd files that way, but that is rather messy. I would like to query
 >things things off the fly with some command line tool (snmpwalk but for
 >windows perfmon . . . winwalk? :)
 >If anyone used a linux based client that can query windows-perfmon (or
 >even some other way to monitor windows performance metrics, as windows
 >SNMP is rather limited in its perf information), please let me know.
 >Thanks for your time all, your input is always appreciated.
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