[rrd-users] Re: question on newbie rrdtool user

Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães leolistas at solutti.com.br
Thu Nov 13 01:03:38 MET 2003

    Serge, I've already splitted config in smaller ones. But I'm looking on
rrdtool because i'm thinking on a real 'upgrade' of knowledge :))

    Anyway, thanks for the answer. I'll look for these programs.

    Leonardo Rodrigues

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You could search google for mrtg-rrd or 14all.cgi.

You could also increase the number of threads mrtg uses or you could break
up the mrtg config file up in several small ones.
You can then call each one seperate from your crontab.


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> Subject: [rrd-users] question on newbie rrdtool user
>     Hello Guys,
>     i'm a happy mrtg user for some years. But in one of my
> MRTG configs, i
> have too many targets. Running all the targets is taking more than 5
> minutes. I'm thinking on learning some new stuff and start
> using rrdtool.
>     That's where I'm stucked ....... how can I generate
> graphics, just like
> mrtg ones, based on the .rrd files ???

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