[rrd-users] MRTG 5 Minute Limitation

jon.hartman at verizon.com jon.hartman at verizon.com
Sat Nov 15 23:01:20 MET 2003

OK, I'm experimenting with using MRTG as the front-end, RRDTool as the
back-end and 14all.cgi for my graphing. One of the goals of the migration
is to drop the polling interval down to 1 minute. When I set the refresh
to less than 5 minutes (300 seconds) I get an error, yet dropping the
interval down to 1 minute generates no errors. That's fine, I adjust my
crontab accordingly.

The thing that concerns me is the format of the database. The order I went
in was:

1) Insert logformat command in MRTG config
2) Verify it still works
3) Install 14all.cgi
4) Verify it still works
5) Drop interval down to 1 minute & edit crontab
6) Verify it still works

Well, it is working just fine and by that I mean it isn't generating any
errors. However, I am of the understanding that the database was formed
automatically with a certain number of rows for the graphs. I can only
assume that that number is based off of the interval configured. Since I
changed it from five minutes to one, will it be automatically adjusted or
is my database now messed up? Is there a different order of steps I
should've taken to ensure that the RRD accounts for a 1 minute interval,

Thanks in advance,

-Jon Hartman

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