[rrd-users] Re: Newbie: "step" confusion, blank plots

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Thu Oct 2 21:01:34 MEST 2003

rrdtool will only graph data coming out of a rrd database.
Therefore you must first put it in one.

You do that by creating one and updating it with your data.
Since your data is sampled with a 15 minute interval, you can take that for stepsize.
Put 2 DS's in it with a heartbeat of more than 15 minutes, say 30 minutes.

Add at least one RRA to hold your data.
Below you have 18 samples, if that is all you would add an RRA with an xff of 0.5, that has 18 samples, each consolidated from 1 sample.

rrdtool create blabla.rrd --start <timestamp of first sample> \
--step 900 \
DS:ds0:DST:1800:U:U \
DS:ds1:DST:1800:U:U \

Where DST should be replaced by GAUGE, COUNTER or whatever, depending on your data.

Then insert your data by doing:

rrdtool update blabla.rrd -t ds0:ds1 $epoch:$in:$out $epoch2:$in2:$out2 ..... etc...

Now you can do rrdtool graph on the rrd.


p.s. Typo's may have occured..

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> Can somebody show me how to make an rrdgraph out of the following
> datafile?
> 2003-08-29.013001       10920070747     8291601450
> 2003-08-29.014501       9914236068      9615483756

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