[rrd-users] Re: Newbie: "step" confusion, blank plots

Mike Hunter mhunter at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Oct 3 02:19:11 MEST 2003

On Oct 02, "Serge Maandag" wrote:

> rrdtool will only graph data coming out of a rrd database.
> Therefore you must first put it in one.


> You do that by creating one and updating it with your data.
> Since your data is sampled with a 15 minute interval, you can take that for stepsize.
> Put 2 DS's in it with a heartbeat of more than 15 minutes, say 30 minutes.
> Add at least one RRA to hold your data.
> Below you have 18 samples, if that is all you would add an RRA with an xff of 0.5, that has 18 samples, each consolidated from 1 sample.
> rrdtool create blabla.rrd --start <timestamp of first sample> \
> --step 900 \
> DS:ds0:DST:1800:U:U \
> DS:ds1:DST:1800:U:U \
> RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:18
> Where DST should be replaced by GAUGE, COUNTER or whatever, depending on your data.
> Then insert your data by doing:
> rrdtool update blabla.rrd -t ds0:ds1 $epoch:$in:$out $epoch2:$in2:$out2 ..... etc...
> Now you can do rrdtool graph on the rrd.

Thanks very much for your reply.  I'm still having problems with the
graph.  I put the exact commands I typed in, the data file, and the output
image here:


Why is the data squiggle so small, especially since I explicitly
(correctly?) set the start and end times?

Thanks again for your help,


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