[rrd-users] Re: REPOST #3 updates periodically doing nothing

Michael Barnes mbarnes at compsci.wm.edu
Wed Oct 15 21:03:02 MEST 2003

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 10:33:43AM -0500, Alvaro Cornejo wrote:
> I had a similar problem with MRTG and found that the data files
> were corrupted.  The workarround I found is to delete the data file
> (previous backup) and recreate it again. I then do a "merge" of the
> data from both files
> The problem is that sometimes the merge does not work and thus, all
> historical data is lost...

I went ahead and threw away my existing database, and created a new one.
The new one got updated with 0's again for a couple of weeks, and then
on 10/11/03 it started recording new data again.

This appears to be a bug in rrdtool.  Maybe I can fold the data from
this rrd into another rrd that appears to be working.  The two have
basically the same create statements with the only real difference is
that the one that I'm having problems with has only 1 data source.

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> Does anyone have any insight into this?  I've mailed the rrd-users twice
> and the developer list once, with no replies.  I've been using rrdtool
> for over a year for 2 different types of projects, and this issue just
> started happening about 2 months ago.
> === Reposted message ===
> I'm running rrdtool on an Alpha Linux system, compiled with gcc and one
> of my rrd's periodically does not put correct data into the db during an
> update.  The data, regardless of input, gets stored as a `0' and there
> is no error or warning message.
> Currently, it has been almost 2 weeks since there has been a meaningful
> update.  In the past, it has only gone a few days with `0's as data, and
> then it would go back to recording the correct data.

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