[rrd-users] rrd creation - please help!

Kenny Chan kchan at reefedge.com
Thu Oct 23 00:04:31 MEST 2003

I'm new to rrdtool. I need to modify our current rrd creation script 
which created by someone who no longer working here. What I need to do 
is to record number authentications (user logins) per minute. I need to 
create graphs for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
Can  someone please verify following script to see if It's done 
correctly or reasonbly?
The time in RRDs::update() function, does it needs to be same as step 
time, '60' in this example?
Is the hearbeat value '300' defined in DS reasonable?

Thanks in advance for the help.

rrdtool create auth.rrd --step 60 --start $TIME \
       DS:usrsucc:COUNTER:300:0:$MAX \
       DS:usrfail:COUNTER:300:0:$MAX \
       DS:admsucc:COUNTER:300:0:$MAX \
       DS:admfail:COUNTER:300:0:$MAX \
       RRA:AVERAGE:0:1:1440 \               # 24 hr or data in 1 min sample
       RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:10:1008\           # 1 week of data in 10 min sample
       RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:30:1440\           # 1 month of data in 0.5 hr 
       RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:1440:1461 \      # 1 year of data in 1day sample
       RRA:MIN:0.3:10:1008 \
       RRA:MIN:0.3:30:1440 \
       RRA:MIN:0.3:1440:1461 \
       RRA:MAX:0.3:10:1008 \
       RRA:MAX:0.3:30:1440 \

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