[rrd-users] rrdcgi

Michael Earls Michael.Earls at cchmc.org
Mon Sep 8 17:22:39 MEST 2003

I am getting an error when trying to run this rrdcgi on the command
line, can someone help me figure out why I am getting an error on the
unexpected token 'newline'

rrdcgi /-daily.png --imginfo '/%s WIDTH=%lu HEIGHT=%lu >' -s -2000m -e
now -a PNG -w 400 -h 100 -v "Bits per Second" -b 1000 -u  --title
"'Daily' graph (5 Minute Average) //
.rrd '%F %T' >" -c MGRID#ee0000 -c GRID#000000
DEF:in=//.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE DEF:out=//
.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE CDEF:fin=in,8,* CDEF:fout=out,8,*
CDEF:pin=fin,,/,100,* CDEF:pout=fout,,/,100,* DEF:min=//.rrd:ds0:MAX
.rrd:ds1:MAX CDEF:fmin=min,8,* CDEF:fmout=mout,8,*
CDEF:pmin=fmin,,/,100,* CDEF:pmout=fmout,,/,100,*
AREA:fin#00cc00:"Incoming in bits/sec" LINE1:fout#0000ff:"Outgoing in
bits/sec\l" GPRINT:fmin:MAX:"Maximal In\: %8.3lf %s"
GPRINT:pmin:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)" GPRINT:fmout:MAX:"Maximal Out\: %8.3lf %s"
GPRINT:pmout:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)\l" GPRINT:fin:AVERAGE:"Average In\: %8.3lf
%s" GPRINT:pin:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)" GPRINT:fout:AVERAGE:"Average Out\:
%8.3lf %s" GPRINT:pout:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)\l" GPRINT:fin:LAST:"Current
In\: %8.3lf %s" GPRINT:pin:LAST:"(%6.2lf%%)" GPRINT:fout:LAST:"Current
Out\: %8.3lf %s" GPRINT:pout:LAST:"(%6.2lf%%)" >
-su: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

Thanks for all your help,


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