[rrd-users] weird graph issue

Bogdan Czyz bogdan_czyz at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 9 20:00:00 MEST 2003

Hi there, I have weird problem with rrdtool graph. I have script that 
collects filesystem usage and stores results in fs.rrd db. When I do fetch I 
can see all data for all variables for last couple of days, but when I am 
trying to graph it I'm getting like last four hours only. It really doesn't 
matter what value I use with --start and --end switches. My script works all 
the time at daemon mode and keep inserting data to db every 300-time() %300 
secs, but only what I get is graph moving left so I can only see like 4 last 
hours. Below there is graph cmd I use:

rrdtool graph fs-day.gif
--start -84600
--title='Filesystem Usage'
--vertical-label='% of usage'
DEF:root=fs.rrd:root:AVERAGE LINE2:root#FFCC00:'/'
DEF:boot=fs.rrd:boot:AVERAGE LINE2:boot#FF9900:'/boot'
DEF:home=fs.rrd:home:AVERAGE LINE2:home#FF6600:'/home'
DEF:opt=fs.rrd:opt:AVERAGE LINE2:opt#FF00FF:'/opt'
DEF:tmp=fs.rrd:tmp:AVERAGE LINE2:tmp#999900:'/tmp'
DEF:usr=fs.rrd:usr:AVERAGE LINE2:usr#990000:'/usr'
DEF:var=fs.rrd:var:AVERAGE LINE2:var#6699CC:'/var'
HRULE:100#000000:'Max usage limit'

Please advice,

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