[rrd-users] Re: Question on update

Logg, Connie A. cal at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Thu Sep 18 18:19:52 MEST 2003

Please clarify for me.  Hummm...my bins are 10 minutes wide on the 10 minutes.

If I bin a value 1000 at 10:35, the value displayed on that graph is 1000 for the 10 minute bin...correct?
Now suppose I add another value (2000) at 10:37. What will be the value for that 10 minute bin? 3000?

I am sure that there is something simple I am missing here.


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RRDtool calculates the value at ,say, 10:60 based on the values it got at 10:50, 10:59 and 10:70.

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> I have an rrd defined for 10 minute intervals.  Sometime I have data 
> at
say 10:50, 10:59, 10:60, 10:70
> What happens when I call update each time? In particular, does the 
> 10:59
value clobber the 10:50 value, or are they added together?

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