[rrd-users] ANNOUNCE: RRGrapher-1.032 released (was "Re: RRGrapher issues")

Dave Plonka plonka at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Sep 18 22:50:40 MEST 2003

RRD users,

Greg and I corresponded about the problems he reported below while
trying to get RRGrapher-1.026 working with mod_perl.

As a result, I've just produced a new RRGrapher release which I think
will work with mod_perl.  I've included the announcement below.


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RRGrapher users,

I've released an updated version of RRGrapher, the "companion" graphing
tool for use with RRDTOOL.

Here's a short list of changes (since RRGrapher-1.026) in RRGrapher
revision 1.32, roughly in order the likely order of interest:

   * default to producing PNG images rather than GIF
     (it's configurable)

   * added support for mod_perl
     (configurable but also tries to auto-detect)
     Thanks to hints from Dale Carder.

   * added support for running under IIS on Windows
     (tries to auto-detect, but configurable as well)
     Thanks to testing by Scott Buckingham.

   * uuencoded logo so that MIME::Base64 is no longer required
     Thanks to Tom Bertelson.

RRGrapher and its documentation can be found here:


If you get a change to try it out, please let me know if you discover
problems (_only_ if you discover problems)...  I'm particularly
interested in whether it works well now with mod_perl, since the most
recent change was to help out those folks.


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