[rrd-users] --overlay options [drraw]

Andras Horvai andras.horvai at keystone.hu
Fri Aug 27 16:00:52 MEST 2004

Hi All,

I play a little with drraw program. Everything seems ok but I can't see the graphs. The rrdtool works fine with
an another rrd frontend (cacti). I'm using rrd databases created by cacti.

The drraw claims the --overlay rrdtool graph options. I'm using: 

ii  librrdp-perl   1.0.48-2.0.jon Time-series data storage and display system 
ii  librrds-perl   1.0.48-2.0.jon Time-series data storage and display system 
ii  rrdtool        1.0.48-2.0.jon Time-series data storage and display system 

(downloaded from deb <http://debian.jones.dk>http://debian.jones.dk woody misc )

and drraw 2.0.1 (latest)

This is the error message: ERROR: unknown option '--overlay=/home/drraw/tmp/drraw.gd'

This is how the graph is created:

rrdtool graph - \
 --start=end-86400 \
 --width=500 \
 --vertical-label=bits per second \
 --base=1000 \
 --imgformat=PNG \
 --height=120 \
 --title=Wonder [router] \
 --interlaced \
 --overlay=/home/drraw/tmp/drraw.gd \
 DEF:a=router_traffic_in_411.rrd:traffic_in:AVERAGE \
 DEF:b=router_traffic_in_411.rrd:traffic_out:AVERAGE \
 DEF:c=router_traffic_in_411.rrd:traffic_in:MAX \
 DEF:d=router_traffic_in_411.rrd:traffic_out:MAX \
 AREA:a#00FFFF:traffic_in AVERAGE  \
 GPRINT:a:MIN:Min\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:a:AVERAGE:Avg\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:a:MAX:Max\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:a:LAST:Last\: %8.2lf%s\n \
 LINE1:b#0000FF:traffic_out AVERAGE \
 GPRINT:b:MIN:Min\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:b:AVERAGE:Avg\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:b:MAX:Max\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:b:LAST:Last\: %8.2lf%s\n \
 LINE1:c#000080:traffic_in MAX      \
 GPRINT:c:MIN:Min\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:c:AVERAGE:Avg\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:c:MAX:Max\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:c:LAST:Last\: %8.2lf%s\n \
 LINE1:d#800080:traffic_out MAX     \
 GPRINT:d:MIN:Min\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:d:AVERAGE:Avg\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:d:MAX:Max\: %8.2lf%s \
 GPRINT:d:LAST:Last\: %8.2lf%s

Thanks in advance,


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