[rrd-users] hi. all . how to way calculate of Counter32 values. ?

Yoon-suk Cho isempty at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 05:55:00 MET 2004

Hi. all . really i wonder concept of RRD graph or how to make a graph~ .
i read the manual about theory of the bps(byte or bit per seconds)
under rrd site and got a some
formulation of bps.

byte per second = (counter_now - counter_before) / (time_now - time_before) *8

yes. i got a result of the above formular and found a byte per second.
Just i got , however, a flash number what is just value of the a few
seconds . that is , if i testing this during 10 seconds, just i
got a result of 10 seconds. I can see ,however,the total graph as
accumulation of value.

quetion is...

1. According to the formulation , just  i found the value of per
   second. I want , however, a find a totoal value or how i can
   find a total value as graph.  what is the theory to accumulate
   value ?  what is the theory to draw a total graph?

2. To got a value from the switch what is you know network switch,
   using the snmpget command and  got a some value as belows.

   IF-MIB::ifInOctets.124 = Counter32: 1566876579

   as you can see, above number is result of the 32bit and always
   rotate the value.If over the limit which is 4294967296 ,
   re-initiate the number from 0(zero)

   2.1 I know this is the byte value. am i right?
   2.2 why this number is always rotate ? If this is right, How can
       rrd  find a gap when value is over the limit .
   2.3 when i draw a graph using rrd with bit per second under the
       giga bit switch,i think i have to see the M bit in vertical
       stick. But i can see the G bit instead of M bit.
       what 's wrong?

thank in advance.

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