[rrd-users] RRD - Working with unknow data and changing unknown into zero

Simone Felici - Alpikom Spa s.felici at alpikom.it
Tue Feb 3 17:23:54 MET 2004

Hello to all!
Also, I've a little problem to print some values... Let me explane:

I take different values from different rrd files (COUNTER32) and I create a
single rrd-graph containing the sum of all traffic from different
My problem is that in some cases some interfaces haven't made traffic and so
I've an unknown value.
Reading the CDEF tutoria I've found the syntax to convert unknown values
into zero but after this operation the LAST and MIN values are ZERO too...

The function I use to convert the unknown values into zero is:

in_002,IF,+.... And so one for all variables i want to check and sum...

Then i convert into bits:


And last i print the MIN:MAX:AVERAGE and LAST value:

COMMENT:" Average:" GPRINT:eth0_out_bits:AVERAGE:"%7.2lf %sb/s" \
COMMENT:Minimum: GPRINT:eth0_out_bits:MIN:"%7.2lf %Sb/s" \
COMMENT:Maximum: GPRINT:eth0_out_bits:MAX:"%7.2lf %Sb/s" \
COMMENT:Last: GPRINT:eth0_out_bits:LAST:"%7.2lf %Sb/s"  

BUT how You can see on the file the LAST and MINUMUM values are ZERO. If I
delete the function to convert unknown into zero it works and I've right
LAST and MINIMUM values.


1- Any Idea why?

2- Other thing. In some cases I receive some peaks on graphs. Can I edit the
rrd file manually and delete the wrong values? (Or any other solution...)

Really thank's on everyone has 2 minutes to read my questions (in a terrible
english, sorry) :)



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