[rrd-users] Re: Runaway rrdtool process

Anders Nygren anders_nygren2002 at yahoo.se
Mon Feb 9 04:13:53 MET 2004

On Sunday 08 February 2004 16:03, Anders Nygren wrote:

> Your test works fine, (of course), I will try to make a simple testcase
> that works, but since my system is written in erlang I will start by
> investigating the libraries I use to connect to rrdtool.

To follow up on my earlier post. I think that I have found the
problem. When a .rrd file has not been updated in a long time,
like some of my files.

anders at linux:~/erlang> rrdtool last error.rrd

That is 2003-09-06 16:03:38.

Then the first update has to recalculate everything in the
file, which apparently takes a looong time.

anders at linux:~/erlang> time rrdtool update test.rrd \
-t in:out:errorin:errorout \

real    0m24.504s
user    0m22.280s
sys     0m0.340s

Because the next update goes much better.

anders at linux:~/erlang> time rrdtool update test.rrd \
-t in:out:errorin:errorout \

real    0m0.002s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

Since my files only holds data for one week, and the 
last update was several moths ago there may be some 
room for some optimizations in rrdtool to just clear the
file instead of recalculating everything when there is
no data in the file that can be used for the recalculations.

But I will understand if the developers thinks that this is
a patological case that only happens in test environments.

/Anders Nygren

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