[rrd-users] One datasource, multiple RRAs

Steinn Eldjárn Sigurðarson steinn at f-prot.com
Fri Feb 13 16:52:55 MET 2004

Good day, I'm somewhat of a beginner using RRDTool, and I still haven't
figured out exactly how to do a few of the things that I really want to

I'm building a simple graphing system, which takes a few different values,
and stores them in an RRD every five minutes, my create looks like this
(from perl):

RRDs::create ("data/$type.rrd", "--start", $now-1, "--step", 300,

The first RRA is 2016 5 minute values, which calculates to one week,
The second RRA is 744 1 hour values, which calculates to one month,
The third RRA is 730 12 hour values, which calculates to one year.

I basically wanted to draw three graphs from each RRD, one graph for each
RRA I have specified, but I can't figure out how to specify which RRA to
use when I'm graphing, and for some reason my week graph doesn't use the 5
minute values, it uses the hourly values, my month graph uses the 12 hour
values, and (understandably?) so does my year graph..

Why is this happening, my graph width is set at "640", would setting that
to a higher resolution, change anything (thus allowing RRD to use a more
fine-grained RRA?)

In high hopes of help,
Steinn E. Sigurðarson

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