[rrd-users] Re: Graphing Specific hours from rrd

mrugan mrugan at softhome.net
Sat Feb 14 22:58:36 MET 2004

VdBE> Hi,
VdBE> is there a way to substract 1 pixel from the working hours area?
VdBE> The working area covers the black border around the graph.
VdBE> It's only for estetic reasons.
VdBE> Eric

can u give an example? (png/gif) i dunno what u mean by
substracting... and i cannot figure it out the black border thing.
i had troubles with the original expression u wrote with GT/LT things
when comparing hours and i decided that Less Equall works better than
Less Than (e.g 8,GT, / 16,LE) ... if u mean the pixel showed in minus
at the original expression.
i guess that 1 pixel can be calculated out of the graph size. e.g.
mine has 480 pixels that represent 86400 seconds.  1 pixel would be
180 seconds. that's less than my step (300seconds) so ... would be
neglected. (since i cannot add / substract 1 step [300seconds] to fix this thing)
e.g. but i will try having a pixel at exactly 300 seconds. (that is 288
pixels width graph)

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