[rrd-users] Re: newbie question (creating an rrd that is updated occasionally)...

Eric Ho ericywho at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 18:30:53 MET 2004

actually, that's the dilemma.
let's say that I created the rrd w/:
rrdtool create foo.rrd -b -100days -s X  DS:...etc.. RRA:LAST:...etc..
where X = # of secs in 30 days.
Now, if I update it w/ timestamp, T, where T may not lie at the
beginning of the month, I get strange results when I fetch foo.rrd.

Stephan Harren <sh at abovenet.de> wrote:
Update it by providing a suitable timestamp ...

Best regards,


Eric Ho wrote:

>I'm trying to create a rrd that is updated once per month at most
>but the exact times that I want to insert (aka rrdtool update) data
>can be quite random - i.e. I don't always update the rrd exactly
>the same time every month.
>And I want rrd to capture my input exactly, and not averaged out....
>Is there a simple to do this ?
>Thx much.
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