[rrd-users] Re: problems with "float" to rrd

mrugan mrugan at softhome.net
Sun Feb 22 09:03:54 MET 2004


i was aware of the tabs ... but prior to rrdtool 1.0.46 i was using
1.0.40 (every time i upgrade i replace the perl-shared things with the
new ones ...) and my script line is like:

  listed the processes in the system;
  foreach check_out ... get the number ...
  here the error comes up.
  my $ERR=RRDs::error;
  die "ERROR $ERR\n" if $ERR;
  [of course "-t" was used in 1.0.40 .. so no syntax error]
  i doubt RRDs is changing over every new rrdtool comes up ... i've
  searched for a version in the pod / package file ... no release-date to
  clear this out ...
  version 1.0.40 didn't complain about the syntax i was using with
  ls .... but version 1.0.46 complains.

  i am aware that i was wrong and i might have even corrected the syntax
  from the first place if happend to be a  RRDs:error .. but it
  wasn't. so it's strictly related to rrdtool binary / shared module.

  thanks again.

>> in my perl script it would complain about:
>> $procs=(`find /proc -maxdepth 1 -name '[1-9]*' -print | wc -l |
>> sed 's/\t +//' | sed 's/ *//'`);
>> which outputs with couple blank spaces.(if u try it u will see what i
>> am talking about)  ... and the error was scalar to float ... something.

AvdB> You are having problems with the usual unix tools.

AvdB> First of all:
AvdB> "\t +" ...  this matches a tab followed by one or more spaces. Why?

AvdB> Check if your sed really cannot handle this more efficiently:

AvdB>    sed 's/[\t ]*//'

AvdB> (match tab or space, zero or more times)

AvdB>    sed 's/\s*//'

AvdB> (match whitespace, zero or more times)

AvdB> Try to use a more efficient pipe:
AvdB>   ls -d /proc/[1-9]* | wc -l
AvdB> in stead of
AvdB>   find /proc -maxdepth 1 -name '[1-9]*' -print | wc -l

AvdB> OTOH I cannot reproduce your problem with both perl and bash:

AvdB> [long lines wrapped; commands are all on one line]

AvdB> bash$ find /proc -maxdepth 1 -name '[1-9]*' -print | wc -l |
AvdB>                                    sed 's/\t +//' | sed 's/ *//'|od -tx1
AvdB> 0000000 32 39 35 0a
AvdB> 0000004

AvdB> bash$ perl -e '$procs=(`find /proc -maxdepth 1 -name "[1-9]*" -print |
AvdB>    wc -l | sed "s/\t +//" | sed "s/ *//"`);' -e 'print $procs' | od -tx1

AvdB> 0000000 32 39 32 0a
AvdB> 0000004

AvdB> cheers,
AvdB> Alex

Best regards,
 mrugan                            mailto:mrugan at softhome.net

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