[rrd-users] My firs rrd - please help :)

jdavis jd at taproot.bz
Thu Feb 26 20:46:51 MET 2004

 I am trying to setup a simple rrd and then graph the data. My data
set is simple.. every 5 minutes my rrd is updated with a number between
1 - 500. I would like the graph to have values ranging from 1 - 500 on
the vertical axis. And the have a 24 hour period represented by the
horizontal axis. I am still pretty confused as how to do this. Here is
what Im trying....

rrdtool create test.rrd   \
--start 1077819500        \
DS:speed:ABSOLUTE:300:U:U \

I think this is only for  2 hours, i will adjust to 24 hours when i
think i understand ...

then heres what updates the rrd...

#! /usr/bin/perl -w
$amount = 1;
@array = 1 .. 500;

	$index   = rand @array;
 	$element = $array[$index];
	$date = `/bin/date +%s`;
	print "Date = $date - Element = $element\n";
	`rrdtool update test.rrd  $date:$element`;

the output i get from this is not what i expected to see..
on the vertical axis i get 1.0 to 1.4 not 1 to the highest value 

Could someone please help me understand. I just want a graph that tells
me what the number was that was entered into the rrd every 5 minutes. 

jdavis <jd at taproot.bz>

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