[rrd-users] Printing tabs onto graphs (feature request)

Michael Reynolds wshs at delinked.us
Thu Jan 1 10:24:35 MET 2004

I currently store average/max/current onto the graph, since it's easier 
to just save a graph to disk instead of when the values are printed on 
the page.  I'm having a problem getting it to align correctly when 
there's multiple datasets which are on the same graph.  For example, I 
have a graph which measures bandwidth, in, out, harmful icmp, and 
invalid ip protocols, in bytes per second.  I tried to align using a 
tab, but it appears the tab character is outright ignored.  I 
essentially wish to make a table of some sort.  Here's what I have going 

In:       Current: 0.00B/s  Average: 0.00B/s  Max: 0.00B/s
Out:      Current: 0.00B/s  Average: 0.00B/s  Max: 0.00B/s
ICMP:     Current: 0.00B/s  Average: 0.00B/s  Max: 0.00B/s
Invalid:  Current: 0.00B/s  Average: 0.00B/s  Max: 0.00B/s

Unfortunately, the numbers aren't always the same, or even have the same 
length in characters.  I'd like to see a \t or something to that effect 
added in, similar to \j, \c, etc, but with a difference.  The existing 
'modifiers' cause the line to end.  The \t should just act as a tab, to 
align to a specific amount of pixels, depending on the end alignment 
choice (left/right).  I would make the changes myself, but I do not know 
the rrdtool code enough to trust myself to change it.  If any other 
user, or Tobi himself, can do this, I'd greatly appreciate it, and I'd 
bet there would be others who would find this 'feature' useful.

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