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> There are few critical things:
> ----------------------------------
> It's important to use modPERL in Apache.
> There are performance problem, when kernel updates rrdfiles 
> from cache to disk.
> You need enough of RAM for running MRTG and caching of all rrd files.
> On linux you can look for free ram with "top" command. It's 
> better, when swap is not much used. Newer kernels (2.6) have 
> better memory management.
> Other thing is speed of harddrive. One 10000rpm SCSI Ultra320 
> harddrive is enough ;-)

I am using OpenBSD 3.4 with Apache compiled with mod_perl, and have 768MB of
RAM. I am using an IDE hard drive. I have enabled soft updates, which
improves disk performance, but that's about it. I still would like to find a
way to generate the graphs every 5 minutes instead of on the fly with 14all.
I hope that someone can tell me how to do that. 

Thank you.

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