[rrd-users] Re: how to merge 2 rrd-files

Andras Horvai andras.horvai at keystone.hu
Wed Jun 9 10:48:31 MEST 2004

Hi Alex,

>> Example 2:
>> Your collection server crashes and you are in a mad panic. You start up
>> collections on a separate server while you fix your server.  What do you
>> do with the data collected on the backup server when your normal
>> collection box is fixed...?
>Step 1: update both databases simultaniously (so that they're in sync)
>Step 2: a:  rrdtool dump database1.rrd > database1.xml
>        b:  rrdtool dump database2.rrd > database2.xml
>Step 3: copy interesting parts from both xml files into a third
>Step 4: rrdtool restore newdatabase.xml newdatabase.rrd
>This is the most complex solution.  Then again, how often are you
>going to make this mistake?

There are mistakes what do not depends on you, and what you described is a solution,
but I can't imagine anyone who manually manage the steps above on 500 rrd files.


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