[rrd-users] Re: Generating small graphs

Sven Dittmar sven at bawue.net
Wed Jun 23 13:52:00 MEST 2004

Hey Wesley,

> In the documentation i found the -j flag which seems
> to be made for this. Just for testing i took one of my
> graph commands and added -h 30 -j to it.
> The result is a small GIF file. When i try to view
> this file it seems empty (only a grey background).
> Am i doing something wrong ? Or might it be a bug ?
Never tried that before but it works:

/home/work/rrdtool-1.0.48/src/rrdtool graph ups_tempvolt_day_j.png  \
        --imgformat PNG \
        --start=$ONE_DAY_AGO \
        -j -h 30 \
        --end=$NOW \
        --title "$MODEL on $HOSTNAME: TEMP/BATTV $YEAR" \
        --vertical-label "Volt/Celsius" \
        --alt-autoscale \
        DEF:battv=ups_temp2.rrd:battv:AVERAGE \
        LINE2:battv#3333FF:"Batteriespannung in Volt (BATTV)\n" \
        DEF:upstemp=ups_temp2.rrd:temperatur:AVERAGE \
        LINE2:upstemp#FF3333:"Interne Temperatur in Grad Celsius (TEMP)\n" \

See result here:

Don't you get errormessages, what version are you running?


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